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Ready to build an irresistible, audience-aligned brand that’s wholeheartedly you?


designed especially for blossoming small businesses (like yours).

Zhuzh up your visual identity to create a captivating first impression.

This package includes:
  • Brand discovery questionnaire
  • Moodboards and visual identity development
  • Primary logo and submark design
  • Brand colour palette
  • Brand font styling & pairings
  • A mini brand style guide pdf
  • All design files
  • One complimentary piece of digital or print collateral design

The Dressing Room

mini makeover brand styling package

From £550

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Turn your business vision into a captivating, cohesive brand with my head-to-toe brand alignment experience.

This package includes:
  • Brand discovery, customer & competitor research
  • Brand strategy work
  • Defining & articulating your brand purpose, mission, vision and values
  • Brand voice development
  • Developing your brand story & messaging
  • A bespoke visual brand identity, including logo designs, font styling & brand colour palette
  • Two additional digital/print collateral designs
  • Bespoke brand guidelines stylebook

my complete brand identity signature package

From £1450

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The Showstopper

Attract the right audience, boost SEO, nurture relationships and guide those already interested to the next step with engaging, brand-aligned content.

This package includes:
  • Regular, professionally-written blog posts with SEO metadata
  • 10-15 monthly topic suggestions
  • Branded email template design
  • Copywriting and content design for monthly e-newsletter
  • Creation of up to five social media posts every month, uploaded to two platforms

done-for-you monthly content package

£375 a month (min. 6 months)

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The Superstar Presence

Build connections with your audience from your own compelling online space, crafted with style, substance, storytelling and search in mind.

This package includes:
  • Business fact-finding & competitor research
  • Semi-custom, mobile-responsive website designed using your existing branding (up to 6 pages)
  • Bespoke keyword research
  • Up to 2,500 words professionally-crafted website copy
  • Metadata and on-page SEO
  • Photo content integration
  • A custom website training tutorial
  • 30 days of after-launch support

complete website styling & copywriting package

from £2500

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The Stage is Set

Attract, build recognition and connect deeply with your audience through user-friendly, search optimised brand & web messaging that speaks your authentic brand voice.

This package includes:
  • Brand voice research & development
  • A defined tone of voice, language, style and brand vocabulary
  • Brand voice guidelines document
  • 6 top-level web pages of keyword-optimised copy
  • 4 optimised category page descriptions + 15 short product item descriptions
  • 4 keyword-rich services descriptions
  • Integration of keywords supplied by client
  • Page meta titles and descriptions
  • Post publication copy check

brand voice discovery & web copywriting package

from £1200

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The Scriptwriter


From the outset of my brand redesign, Hannah's creative vision and attention to detail were evident. She really took the time to understand my brand ethos and values, translating these into a visual identity that not only resonates with our target audience but also helps us stand out in a crowded market. 

What sets Hannah apart is not just her technical skill, but her ability to listen and collaborate. She was a true partner throughout, receptive to feedback and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the final product exceeds expectations.

“Hannah has been fantastic to work with.”

Beth Sachs, Effortless Foodie

From the get-go, Hannah understood the vision I had for my new brand and has been an absolute dream to work with. Her way with words is pure magic, and how she's crafted a distinct brand voice and defined the brand's values and mission perfectly.

Her energy, enthusiasm and attention-to-detail have made collaborating on this project a joy, and am over the moon with all her wonderful copy! 

Ben Melarickas, Wild Linens

“Hannah brought my vision to life in the most beautiful way.”

She was absolutely brilliant at designing the logo, business cards and swing tags for May Rose. Her creativity to come up with the rose and lily of the valley is just genius. And I love the brand pattern so much, I've had it printed onto fabric to make signature May Rose creations! Hannah is very patient, knowledgable and just an absolute joy to work with. 

“Hannah made the whole process feel really easy.”

Stefanie Wolfe, May Rose

Running a business requires being online, engaging with customers through well-thought-out content and design. Hannah offers the whole package. She looks at our audience, creates engaging content, and delivers our message in the best way. This has helped drive traffic in our direction, increase sales and free up more time for us to deliver the experiences we offer.

“Hannah offers the whole package.”

Robin Ross, Freewave Surf Academy

Hannah was brilliant at guiding us through every step of the way, making sure we didn't miss a beat as new business owners. We used Limelight Creative for our business' graphic design, from the logo to our advertising material. We could not've been happier with the final product and will continue to go to Hannah with any future work. Thank you again, Hannah! You've been amazing.

“Brilliant at guiding us every step of the way.”

Rory Burford, Beyond Fitness & Martial Arts

Hannah was able to understand my vision for the tone of voice and brand story, and bring it to life in a way that feels totally on brand and appeals to both our family audience and our retailers. She listened, was quick, and on point from the start. I've already returned to her for further work.

“Hannah transformed my marketing messaging.”

James Taylor, Doris & Dude

Hannah is my go to designer for any client projects. She also designed my editing business logo and I love it. She absolutely nailed it! I love the colours, and I think highlighting the word 'editing' in yellow highlighter is genius.

She's a dream to work with and a good person to have around for anything design based! Thanks for all your amazing work Hannah.

“A good person to have around...”

Kiri Nowak, The Editing Wolves


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