Written content and social media marketing consultancy, with a focus on health and wellbeing.


If you’re running a small business or non-profit, and already juggling a million and one jobs, it can be difficult to find the time to sit down and write the effective, engaging marketing copy you need (let alone proofread it).

That’s where I come in.

Consider me your very own in-house blogger, ad copywriter, PR and social media content whizz. Whatever you need putting into words, I’m your woman!

I specialise in writing for organisations and individuals who promote health and wellbeing.


I write and create great content for websites and social media platforms that will engage your audience and help to attract potential leads. I optimise new copy using keyword integration so that your web pages gain higher rankings on search engines like Google and are found more easily in internet searches.


If you already have a website but are concerned about written accuracy, I will proofread your copy and tighten up any spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors in a flash. (Poor copy will not only damage your brand’s image, it will affect your SEO because the search engines won’t like it.) To help drive more web traffic to your site, I will optimise your existing copy and help increase your website’s search engine rankings.

I also provide other solutions to help your website climb and maintain rankings, including social media marketing and timely content updates.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements

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You always manage to interpret what it is I want to say and then somehow find exactly the right words to make it make sense.

A previous client


I used Limelight Copy to proofread a new menu that we had designed for our restaurant. Our ideas had been jotted down by a print and design company, but on receipt of the first draft we found many spelling mistakes. We were short of time so sent it across to Hannah who provided exceptional service that was professional and fast. Would recommend to anyone.

The Shack, Bude