Effortless Foodie

Beth is a family-focused food blogger who was ready to take her rapidly growing website to the next level with a professional logo and strategic visual identity.

A big part of Effortless Foodie‘s brand essence is playfulness, which the new visual identity needed to express without looking too childlike.

Taking chalkboard meal planners, shopping lists and handwritten recipes passed down the generations as our inspiration, we used an effortless brush font with energy and movement, which reflects both the busyness of family life and Beth’s quick and easy recipes.

The custom apron doodle represents the nurturing home cook, with more playful movement added through its titled elevation and free-flowing ties. Beth loved her little apron favicon so much that she asked for more custom illustrations in the same style to represent each of the recipe categories on her blog.

After a lot of deliberation, we went with two delicious, rich tones for the primary brand colours – both of which conjour up warmth, comfort and flavour. The spiced orange of a good curry (red and orange are known to induce appetite), and a very dark teal akin to winter veg. Lighter tints of these core colours are used to highlight website sections and add depth to the illustrations – a pale flesh tone that brings the nurturing human touch, while the very light blue is sunny and uplifting.


Visual identity, brand illustrations


Food & drink


Playful, effortless, appetising.

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