Blog Content

Freewave Surf Academy is a local surf school and lifeguard training academy.

They were looking to improve their website optimisation for the geographical search term, “Bude”, and had a great idea for a blog post on the subject but needed my help to put it into words.

I worked with them to refine and flesh-out the concept before conducting further online research, and then composed the blog piece: 10 Free Things to Do in Bude (uploaded under the website owner’s authorship).

As well as contributing to SEO, the article was shared across Freewave‘s social media platforms, thus increasing audience engagement, driving additional traffic back to the website, and adding value to the customer by providing them with ideas of things to do in Bude (besides learning to surf, of course!)

The nature of the content also means that its relevancy is ongoing, so it can be reused and re-shared as often as required.