Why hire a professional proofreader?

The value of employing an experienced proofreader to check through your writing before sending it to print is far too often overlooked. Before you send that final draft to print, or press the ‘publish’ button, please consider this:

Local Press Typo

It is a notice in the events listing of a local newspaper. The person writing the ad did not pick up on the typo, and neither did the newspaper editor. Embarrassing, right?

Proofreading our own work can be extremely difficult because we are already familiar with what we intended to write, so we read what we expect to see instead of what is actually written down.

Digital spelling and grammar software is useful to perform an initial top-line check. Just remember that there is only so much these tools will capture, and sometimes they can even be WRONG. So, do not rely on this type of check alone.

WhiteSmoke Proofreading App

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